If you’re looking for a durable, high-quality 1U rack case, the YONGU case is the best choice. YONGU has been producing electronic equipment enclosures for 18 years, the expertise and knowledge in this field can meet your needs in electronic equipment, known for producing high-quality products, and has won a good reputation from customers.

What makes YONGU’s 1U rack case stand out among many electronic equipment enclosure suppliers, here is the best reason.

  • Sales service

Pre-sale: Respond to information in a timely manner, and will learn about customer needs in detail and formulate plans.

In-sale: follow up the production progress, respond to the customer’s situation in time, and meet the requirements of the customer’s project progress.

After-sales: Track the progress of logistics and provide timely feedback. If there is any problem with the product, it will be solved ASAP. If there is a promotion, notify the customer as soon as possible.

Responsive fast, can reply to your message within 12 hours

  • Production capacity

Quality: We have a quality inspection department, which takes quality as the first requirement, and conducts quality inspection on shape, opening, color, size, etc.

Delivery time: According to the production progress, the production time of each process is refined, and each process is within the scope of time control, and ultimately does not affect the customer’s project progress.

  • Design ability

industrial design:we can provide a industrial design for your project, you can save much time in designing a project chassis.

Drawing speed: generally, we will provide the drawing for you to check one day after payment.

Hot selling product: 1U rack case

1u rack case is the best selling product of  YONGU, we pay great attention to the quality of this series. It is a rack-mounted enclosure. The width of the front panel is the international standard 19-inch width. The solid aluminum 6063 is used as the material. The upper and lower covers are only fixed by two screws and can be easily opened. adjacent to the board, so that the surface screws are very few. And the front and rear panels are very stable and not easy to remove. 1U standard chassis can accommodate various electronic components, welcome to customize the size you want.


Why choose YONGU

Yonggu is the world’s leading intelligent manufacturer of electronic enclosures, with 18 years of aluminum enclosure service experience in the electronic equipment industry, and is committed to providing the best customer service for client worldwide. Our product support is available in different countries, with engineers and designers specializing in custom electronic enclosures to make your ideas come true.

If you are looking for an advanced and reliable supplier of industrial electronic enclosures, you must get in touch with the company. YONGU offers a wide range of products including sheet metal, cabinets, racks and electrical enclosures, utilizing the latest technology to manufacture its products. This enables client to produce higher quality products than other companies. If you read this far, please visit our website  https://yongucase.com/ (Choose yongu to get a quote online)