It would seem preposterous to talk about the next step in evolution while 84% of the world’s population is stuck in archaic religions and have been for thousands of years. In the course of its history humanity has not moved very far from worshipping trees, stones, animals statues and imagined Gods.

As enlightened or sophisticated as we think we are in the western world, we are still down on our knees. It is observable that in the time of humanity on this world, we, as a whole, do not move very quickly when it comes to spirituality. We spend very little time out of the day contemplating our existence or developing it individually. Our awareness of our spiritual being is boxed and handed out to us on Sunday mornings.

Out of the remaining 16% of the global population there are a few non-believers or skeptics and some forward thinking New Age devotees. Compared to religion, New Age is just in its infancy and is the medium ground between what is, and what is to come. However, its continuation will be much shorter than religion because knowledge escalates the progress of experience as new ideas are tried out. Because New Age is underground, not organized or boxed between four walls, it has the potential to reach out in areas of thought not yet imagined.

In the history of humanity it can be observed that few things move people into unfamiliar territory except for personal, regional or global catastrophes or near death experiences. And even when that does happen we turn to old institutionalized belief systems to try and understand why, without realizing that it is our current beliefs which create our circumstances – we are led back! This pace has not changed in thousands of years – one step forward, one step back!

To know your way outside of the box, you have to fist know that you are in one, and then you must be willing to create another one. Although New Age is still new and from what I have read, it does not give a lot of promise for the next step except forward in awareness except that change is possible. Few, if any of the authors, philosophers or teachers are writing or talking about the next step; where does New Age lead us? I see New Age as planting seeds of doubt in the awareness of what we know now religiously. It is a period of questioning old belief systems and possibly a catalyst to motivate people to move forward.

I believe that New Age must be a doorway and not an end unto itself as is religion, and that is why it is not organized. It will not lead us to an end of physical life, but a new experience of it. When you move from the passenger seat to the driver’s seat, life takes on a whole new meaning and direction. Right now, almost 100% of us are led; we are passengers on the evolutionary road – we are along for the ride, but the ride has not left the station.

I can see a future with everyone in the driver’s seat. Initially the transformation may bring chaos, but our new creations will leave the old world paled in comparison. It will be like our children looking back at us, as they do now, thinking, how did they survive without television?

New Age tells us that we have the power of our creator, or the power is within us; why not use it, go all the way. Be the creator and know that your body is what you use to experience the physical world. Know that you also created it and that you create all the circumstances of your life and at some level of consciousness, you are experiencing everyone else’s circumstances as well. How powerful is that? You are God manifested in the body that you are now experiencing and at some level of your consciousness, you are aware of everything. What you are doing now in this body is appropriate for the big picture and is just as important as any other experience. With this level of awareness, you will let the body (ego) have its way and know that it works for the moment. And it is a step along your own path of experiencing what and who you are – you are God/Creator experiencing.

The major difference between this realization and what you are experiencing now is that would be taking responsibility, and thus owning the moment, the results, and the power to change it at will. While being in the driver’s seat means that you have some control over where you are going; being God means that you know you will get there – there is no fear.

The next step in our evolution will be to develop or become more aware of our psychic abilities. Our five senses have taken us about as far as we can go in this world.

Can you imagine the possibilities and what the future would be like once we have learned how to transport ourselves anywhere we want at our whim without mechanical devices, or use astro projection to visit new realms of existence? Clairvoyance, telekinesis, psychic readings, all those things are yet to be further developed and refined in our experience. They are all part of an advanced future and they are already a function of what we are; part of the creator that we are naturally.

Just imagine knowing yourself as the creator/God experiencing all the things you have pondered in physical terms? This is our future this is what we are already. The next step in evolution is in knowing and accepting that you are God. This is where New Age must go if it is to survive as the next step in Human evolution. The bottom line on these things is in knowing that you can or cannot do or experience a thing. It is your thoughts that must change for the manifestation of these abilities to be realized. Man’s power over these things has been demonstrated for centuries, he simply has not had the will or inclination to move with them; except for a few who would exploit them with hidden agendas.

The next step in evolution starts with the individual’s will to move father along the path less followed, with clarity and purpose of mind to evolve to the next human experience. The sad truth of man’s footprints along his way is that he exploits those who are left behind. Power corrupts or destroys in the hands of immature minds. Although this thought is an observation, it does not have to be a truth. Everyone has these powers and more, it is the agenda of a few to convince you that you do not. Spiritually, a single individual has the same power as all individuals combined because they are controlled by a single mind.